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Monday, 31 October 2011

Practicing Filming Interviews(Halloween Footage)

Practicing filming interviews
During Dave's lesson we practised filming interviews. We came up with the idea of shooting footage about Halloween as it was halloween on the day. We came up with some dialogue to introduce the idea and then we went about finding people to interview about the concept of halloween. We asked them there thoughts and opinions of halloween. In the process of this we were able to practise shooting interview footage. We then edited   the footage in final cut pro as practise.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Green Screen (Ricardo)

During Ricardos lesson today we looked at how a green screen works and how footage can be manipulated to create diverse effects. 
How the green screen works
A green screen is a large green sheet that goes on the wall. When a person films a video in front of a green screen, they put it in an editing software with chroma key. Chroma key is the removal of a single color, therefore when chroma key is activated, the green gets removed, and ANY background gets inserted. That's why you can not wear green against a green screen, because if you wore a green shirt for example, it would be invisible and you would see the background that is inserted instead of the shirt. Green screen can be done with any colour, but green and blue are the furthest away from your skin colour. That's so the skin isn't invisible. If you did a white or black screen, there's a good chance the skin of the person your filming would be invisible That is why they use green.

The steps of setting up a green screen

Step 1
First of all you need a camera and a lens such as this one to set up the green screen effect. The green screen camera lens is then placed on the end of camera. As shown below.

Step 2
Secondly you need a green background for your green screen lens to reflect off. such as the one below.

Step 3
Third step is to find yourself a striking image to replace in the background. Such as the following.

Final Step
The Final step is to edit the footage or image you have shot in software such as final cut pro.


Green screen edit

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Final edit

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Production and Peparation Paperwork

To experience the role of production and preperation paperwork

to have created a production folder for upcoming practice sessions
to have gained experience in producing production documents

Floor Plan
Risk Assessment
Call Sheet-Shooting schedule
Time/Call Time

Other Documents
Recce Sheet
Equipment List
Call Sheets
Risk Assessment
Location schedule

On Location
Floor Plan
Crew Contact Sheet
Signal Pathway

Who is responsible for each of the documents?

The DIRECTOR is responsible for:
  • Program proposal
  • Running order
  • Camera scripts (x3)
  • Title sequence/graphic
The PRODUCER is responsible for:
  • shooting schedule
  • call sheet/ contact list
  • studio floor plan
  • guest(s) release and consent form

The VISION MIXER is responsible for:
  • Running order
  • VT log sheet
  • Copy of VT (CD or DVD)
  • Copy of any graphics used in tricaster

The FLOOR MANAGER is responsible for:
  • Risk assessment
  • Studio floor plan
  • Call sheet/ contact list

Monday, 24 October 2011

News Production Package Idea (First Idea)

We have been asked to research an idea for a news production package. As a group we have chosen the topic of funding related to students at the Manchester college. We will be touching on some aspects that  have a massive effect on students funding. In order to produce an efficient content we will need to consider the following:

When researching we have to consider students that have been effected previously, at present and how it will effect students in the future. To show the importance of this particular information we will display facts and statistics to back the effect  the rise has had on students and will continue too have in the future.

According to the Manchester college these are the positives of studying at the college with the lower and competitive fees starting from next year. However manchester college will be offering the lower fees but advertise the following as selling points.

Positives for the future
  • Small class sizes
  • Superb teaching and support
  • Excellent campuses and facilities
  • Establishhed links with employers and universities
  • The Manchester Student Experience
  • Living away from home
  • Socialising facilities
Negatives for the future
  • Apprenticeships
  • One in Three students will miss out on University places

Possible Solutions
  • More Scholarship and Bursarys
  • More funding schemes involving companies

The purpose of this is to find how manchester college will deal with the rapid rise in tutition fees and how things can be changed to improve the quality of teaching in the future. Also will the rise in tuition fees effect students going to college or university in years to come.

As part of my research for the group i will research into facts, figures and statistics together to get an overall understanding of how things are going to change for the better or worse in the future.

Style And Content Of Newspage

During group discussion we have discussed briefly the style of the package and the style of the content.

Below i have taken some screen prints of the following website link which was posted to me by naysha.

I feel this style of graphic is bright and keeps the viewer interested due to the choice of colours and the creative objects and shapes. When creating our own VT this should be a style we should look at using as it is catching to the eye.

As we will be collection our own statistics we could use a graphic like the one above in order to show display our findings. By displaying the data this way it is easier to read and also easier to explain to viewer.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ideas for TV Channel and JukeBox Programme (Ricardo)

During Ricardo's lesson i was asked to come up with a name for a TV Channel relating to the college we were also asked to identify the target audience and to create an idea for one television programme.


  • Come up with a name for Television Channel
  • Outline the Target Audience
  • One Idea for a television show for Manchester College

Tv Channel names we came up with during a brainstorm of ideas - MCone,MCTV,Mone,ManCat and MCTV

Television Programme Idea- The programme idea we came up with was a music/chat show discussing all genres of music. We also have chosen to interview artists that are featured on the show. We would also show footage of them performing in a studio or out on location. This particular programme would be targeted at 16+ both males and females as music is relevant to everyone. The name we have chosen to use for the programme is JukeBox.

To gather ideas and resources we chose to create a Prezi to later on present our idea and material to the rest of the class.