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Monday, 7 November 2011

New Project Proposal Idea Continued....(Second Idea)

In previous posts i have discussed several ideas for the news package production with Dave and The news show with Ricardo. However our original idea was to produce and showcase the idea of student funding. In the mean time we had a change of thought and came up with the idea of producing a show on student life in general,but this idea was axed. So we continued to go along with the student funding idea.

As discussed with Neysha today and also with Andy and Dan on previous occasions we have decided to gather our own statistics as we see this as being reliable. We will do this by creating a questionnaire and giving the questionnaire out to A level students that come to the Manchester College on the 23rd November 2011 for the open day. By collecting our own statistics we see this as a reliable method of collecting information. However this can also be unreliable depending on the questions asked and whether we decide to use, open ended or closed ended questions within the questionnaire. By choosing a strong method to use we will be able to collect reliable information, as participants tend to lie when taking part. Also by building trust and rapport will determine the truth of the answers.

I have taken an example of open and closed ended questions from the link below as part of my research:

"The ability to ask open-ended questions is very important in many vocations, including education, counselling, mediation, sales, investigative work and journalism.

An open-ended question is designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer using the subject's own knowledge and/or feelings. It is the opposite of a closed-ended question, which encourages a short or single-word answer. Open-ended questions also tend to be more objective and less leading than closed-ended questions
Open-ended questions typically begin with words such as "Why" and "How", or phrases such as "Tell me about...". Often they are not technically a question, but a statement which implicitly asks for a response."

Closed-Ended QuestionOpen-Ended Question
Do you get on well with your boss?Tell me about your relationship with your boss.
Who will you vote for this election?What do you think about the two candidates in this election?
What colour shirt are you wearing?That's an interesting coloured shirt you're wearing

We will also interview several students by either using one to one interviews or group interviews. Personally i think group interviews will be a better way of conducting the interviews as there is more room for discussion and debate between the group. This will hopefully give us several opinions on the subject of funding. Once we have collected the information we can then start to put the VT together for Dave and the News show for Ricardo.

We also had the idea of interviewing Colin Ralph to gather his thoughts and prospective on the increasing rise in tuition fees and how it is going effect the college as a whole.

We came up with several questions that we might as Colin in order to obtain the information that we need.

Questions to ask Colin Ralph

  1. Are there concerns about whether your going to hit the numbers to sustain the course?
  2. What steps will be put in place in 2012 to recruit the numbers you need on the course?
  3. Will departments such as business,medical and construction attaining funds from private companies?
  4. Will departments such as media and are be seeking a similar business model?
  5. Do you have links with businesses to help students coming to the end of their course into employment?
Structure of the Idea

  • Introduction on fees
  • Facts, Figures and statistics flashing up on screen
  • Margaret thatcher Quotes
Target Audience
  • Future Students
  • People who are unsure about study
  • Tutoring Staff
  • Targeted at 14+
  • Interview with Colin Ralph
  • Interview group of students (A Level)
  • As A Level students what course they are looking to do and whether it interested them?
  • Also ask A Level students whether they want to go into higher education to do something that interests them or whether they are going to get away from home and to experience the social side that higher education has?
  • Interview the head of finance for the college
  • How many of your friends or peers are questioning going into employment or going into higher education?
Creative Shots

Close up Shot - Money being passed and certificate being passed back symberlising paying for tuition fees.

Close up/Extreme Close up - Student taking cash out of cash machine

Medium Shots- Students walking around Manchester Town Centre

Close up Shots - Shot of Bank

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