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Monday, 6 February 2012

Introduction to Broadcast Newsroom Operations

Broadcast Newsroom Operation

Level 1
Credit Value:20
Learning Hours:200

Hand in dates- End of May

Research Portfolio:50%
Practical Project:50%

Aims of Module
  • Introduction to the notion of “news agenda” and TV newsroom operations
  • Allow development of a programme format
  • Allow students to manage a practical project in a specific area of interest
  • Back-time their broadcast to fit in with network discipline (schedule of programmes)
  • Allow students to manage appropriate pre-production, production, post and archiving techniques.

Knowledge and understanding

  • An understanding how TV operates
  • An understanding of tutorial techniques
  • An understanding of planning requirements
  • Research, Negotiation and production management skills

We have been asked to research interesting news stories or come up with an news story idea that the group could discuss and evaluate.