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Monday, 6 February 2012

Introduction to Broadcast Newsroom Operations

Broadcast Newsroom Operation

Level 1
Credit Value:20
Learning Hours:200

Hand in dates- End of May

Research Portfolio:50%
Practical Project:50%

Aims of Module
  • Introduction to the notion of “news agenda” and TV newsroom operations
  • Allow development of a programme format
  • Allow students to manage a practical project in a specific area of interest
  • Back-time their broadcast to fit in with network discipline (schedule of programmes)
  • Allow students to manage appropriate pre-production, production, post and archiving techniques.

Knowledge and understanding

  • An understanding how TV operates
  • An understanding of tutorial techniques
  • An understanding of planning requirements
  • Research, Negotiation and production management skills

We have been asked to research interesting news stories or come up with an news story idea that the group could discuss and evaluate.


  1. Good start Danny, what's your idea going to be?

  2. I have two ideas at the moment. Im thinking of getting in touch with a busker and doing the life of a busker type package. It will Start of with a peace to camera, show footage of the musician playing, interview the busker then wrap up with vox pops and music/footage towards the end. My second idea is to do something on the Olympics and do a package with a local athletics team(Manchester Harriers). I will try and get in touch with an athlete who has progressed from Manchester Harriers into high level athletics. Not to sure which one will work best as a news package.