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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Introduction to Live Multi Drama (Creative Composition Photography)

Creative Composition

They were complaining about the cold” Joy Division, by Kevin Cummins, on the Princess Parkway, Hulme, Manchester, 6 January 1979.”

I have chosen this photograph as I see it as being important to the history of Manchester. There was considerable amount of changes taking place in Hulme in 1979.These changes had an extensive impact on life and growth in Manchester. Hulme was seen as a deprived area around this time. However the same can be said about some parts of Hulme today.
The photograph I have chosen to analyse is one of Kevin Cummins photographs of the band Joy Division (1977-1980). The image was captured on a bridge on princess parkway in Hulme, Manchester.  The photograph comes across as very cold, but also striking and powerful. The title of the photograph is named “They were complaining about the cold” (1979) which is evident looking at the weather conditions that are captured in the photograph. The bleakness and dull weather of the black and white photograph gives a sense of escape as if the band wanted to get out of the City. The depth of the photograph sends out a message that the figures in the photograph are leaving to somewhere and don’t intend to return. The long railings make the photograph look like a narrow corridor leading to another world. I suppose Hulme could have been called another world within 1979 due to the lifestyle people lived and the deprivation in the area at the time. The photograph has a high contrast of black and white making the image look narrow putting enthuses on the figures in the photograph. The background show the high rised flats
    In an article with the M.E.N media Kevin tells them what he wanted to achieve from the photograph that he took of Joy Division back on the cold winter’s day in 1979, he says
“I wanted people to look at pictures of Ian Curtis and Joy Division and know what that band sounded like.” I believe Kevin wanted to build an image to represent Joy Divisions music to match the dark lyrics and the bleak sound that Joy Division produced and had to offer. Kevin also tells the guardian about the original idea that he wanted to capture, he says. “The original idea was to shoot the band from the road looking up at the bridge, so they would face south, as if they were looking out of Manchester and almost saying: "When we're successful, we'll be out of here." But when I saw them on the brow of the bridge I thought it made a great architectural shot. It almost didn't need the band in the picture, because it would have still been a Joy Division photograph.” What Kevin is saying is the picture would have been unique to Manchester even without the bands influence. Without Joy Division in the photograph I don’t believe the image would tell much of a story as it does today, If Joy division were not there to feature in the photograph it would just be another photograph of Manchester. I believe the image says a lot about the weather, the lifestyle, the music and the creativity of photography that Manchester has to offer.

Joy Division-She's Lost Control


They were complaining about the cold”

(1979) Princess Parkway, Hulme, Manchester
[Accessed on: Tuesday 7th February 2012]

Photographer Kevin Cummins's best shot
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New exhibition of Joy Division photos 33 years after iconic shot of Hulme bridge was shot

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