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Tuesday, 28 February 2012



The Multi live broadcast will be broadcasted from the Manchester College at fielden park campus. The target audience for this broadcast will be anybody that has a keen interest in unsigned music. However the broadcast will be targeted at 16+, as this seems like a reasonable age to start becoming interested in music. Genres range from rock,Indie, pop to acoustic acts. There will be 6 to 8 acts performing on the day. The broadcast will be on the 30th May 2012.

How will the show run?

Firstly the show will start with an opening graphic to engage the audience with excitement. Two energetic and bold presenters will welcome the show by introducing themselves and highlighting what will be in store during the show. One presenter will then briefly introduce the first band/artist. For example reveal such things a latest gigs they’ve done or something unique about the performer. The camera will then go on to the act to start their performance.

I will carry out research into to set designs and other music programmes to gather ideas for the show. I will look at shows such as TOPTP and Jools Holland as these are two excellent examples of music shows that have been broadcasted on television. I will do this by researching on websites such as YouTube. I will also watch the music programmes being broadcasted on the television to gather ideas.

The Studio Set

The studio will have a gig atmosphere; I would like to use smoke machines to create this mood. Lighting will also generate an atmospheric feel to the set using coloured light filters and gels. A backdrop will form the identity of the show displaying a graphic “Unsigned and Defined”. The backdrop will be made from a canvas or cloths and textiles. A raised floor could possibly be used to raise instruments off the floor such as a drum kit and amps so that the drummer can be seen above the other performers and also to reduce vibration to give the artists a better quality sound. Coloured drapes and cloths can be used to cover objects that are not needed to be seen and to make the set look more attractive to the audience. I think a lighting technician will be required to use the lighting equipment to get the most out of the lighting.

Studio Floor Plan

I would like the set arranged in this way as I think this set up will give us more room to work with flexible cameras such as a dolly or a jib. I would like to use three cameras, as it is a Multi live Broadcast. I will have camera 1 and camera 3 stationary as these two cameras will be getting close ups and mid shots of the performers. I would like camera 2 centre of the studio. Camera 2 will be capturing mid shots and wide shots of the performers. Two red head lights will be placed near the back of the set giving a dim glow behind the performers. The backdrop will be created on a canvas or on a cloth material, which will be splatted with coloured paints and will be placed behind the performers also displaying “Unsigned and Defined”.

Interview room
The Interview room will have a similar atmosphere to the studio set. The presenter will present in a laid back mood. The interview room will have bean bags or blow up chairs. TV preview monitor or projector displaying the act performance in the live show also projecting images of the acts previous gigs, exciting graphics and bold lyrics from the musician’s songs. Camera 4 will be placed in the interview room filming the acts live interview. The interviews will take place right next to the live performance studio. However this may be problematic due to noise. So this arrangement may need to be taken down the corridor to the next room in 110 depending on the availability of the room to avoid noise from the live performances.

Signal Pathway
There will be three Panasonic P2s in use in the studio connected via a composite connection feeding into the tri-caster in the gallery. The fourth camera will be a Sony V1 connected via a composite connection feeding from the interview room to the tri-caster. The audio will also feed into the gallery from the studio and the interview room.

Intro and outro
To ensure that most of the time is spent in the studio. I would like to pre-record the Intro and outro to the show before the live performance. These will be qued into the tri-caster ready to play at the start and end of the show.
The intro will start with the bands having a jam between them in the background of the studio this is where the presenter will step in and talk to the camera introducing the acts performing in the show. As the acts are announced they will be shown on screen so we know who each individual act is. A graphic will then be shown then we will cut back to the live performance.
The outro will be a time lapse of the bands and the television crew de-rigging. Over the top of this will be credits which will be displayed thanking all the crew and guests
Gaps and Fillers
Gaps in the show will be filled with live interviews. We could also have the bands performance projected onto a projector and review the performance during their interviews.

Time schedule

There will be two presenters in front of the camera during the show. One presenter will be presenting in the studio and the second presenter will present in the interview room. I would like Erin Roche and Fred Velody to present for the show as I think they present well together and have the confidence in front of the camera.

Additional Kit
The additional kit I would like to use to dress the studio set I will list below:

  • Redhead lighting
  • Coloured gels
  • Coloured drapes
  • Canvas
  • Paints
  • Stencils

The additional kit I would like to dress the interview room I will list below:

  • Bean bags/chairs
  • TV or projector to review performances
  • A backdrop to hide plugs

Desired roles

Floor Manager
I would like to take on the floor manager role as I feel like I can take control of the group. I have taken on the role several times before and feel I did well to help with any problems people had. I think I have a good head to take on the role and I am able to resolve most problems using my initiative to make things move forward.

Camera Operator
I would also like to take on a camera role as I am creative with shots. I am also able to take direction and adjust the camera quickly for the director. I also use my initiative on the floor to ensure the safety of my peers and myself.


Unsigned and defined

Opening Graphic: Displaying Unsigned and Defined

        Fade in: Presenter 1 will introduce the show with a brief introduction about the band/artist the presenter will reveal such things a latest gigs they’ve done or a something unique about the performer.

       Camera 1: wide shot of stage

             Live: Act 1 plays

       Camera 3: Back to the presenter 1 in the studio. Presenter 1 will direct the show to the interview room where act 1 will be interviewed.

       Camera 4: Presenter 2 will be sat in the interview room with act 1 ready to interview.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Pitch Life Of a Busker

I have been asked to produce a pitch with my ideas for the production, outlining the narrative content,package content and production planning.

In order to introduce my idea to the group I have put together an idea which I will present in the form of a prezi. As i have a keen interest in music I have come up with the idea of of getting in contact with a busker.I will follow this person throughout their busking day. Throughout the day I will gather peoples thoughts and reactions through Vox pops. I will conduct one interview with a busker and  use a peace to camera as an introduction to the topic. I will also use voice overs to narrate the story. I will need to use a Sony V1 and a boom mic to gather my findings. I will also need an extra crew member to help me with this.

My main guest and interviewee will Laurie Dempsey a local busker who busks down Market Street in the Centre of Manchester. I will ask a set number of questions to find out whether performers themselves see busking as begging or as pure entertainment. To gather thoughts from people that do not perform or don't have any talents I will be asking the general public for their opinions on the street performers in Manchester.

I will try to gather an understanding of why street performers are out on the streets. It may just be for pure enjoyment or they may have an underlying background. Buskers may be out on the streets because they are out of a employment,they may need to feed a family or it could just be for pleasure and for a little bit of extra cash. To find the truth of the matter I will be heading out on the streets of Manchester to gather an overview of street performers thoughts and to gather a public prospective on the matter.

Below I have attached my presentation which I pitched to the group:

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Introduction to Live Multi Drama (Creative Composition Photography)

Creative Composition

They were complaining about the cold” Joy Division, by Kevin Cummins, on the Princess Parkway, Hulme, Manchester, 6 January 1979.”

I have chosen this photograph as I see it as being important to the history of Manchester. There was considerable amount of changes taking place in Hulme in 1979.These changes had an extensive impact on life and growth in Manchester. Hulme was seen as a deprived area around this time. However the same can be said about some parts of Hulme today.
The photograph I have chosen to analyse is one of Kevin Cummins photographs of the band Joy Division (1977-1980). The image was captured on a bridge on princess parkway in Hulme, Manchester.  The photograph comes across as very cold, but also striking and powerful. The title of the photograph is named “They were complaining about the cold” (1979) which is evident looking at the weather conditions that are captured in the photograph. The bleakness and dull weather of the black and white photograph gives a sense of escape as if the band wanted to get out of the City. The depth of the photograph sends out a message that the figures in the photograph are leaving to somewhere and don’t intend to return. The long railings make the photograph look like a narrow corridor leading to another world. I suppose Hulme could have been called another world within 1979 due to the lifestyle people lived and the deprivation in the area at the time. The photograph has a high contrast of black and white making the image look narrow putting enthuses on the figures in the photograph. The background show the high rised flats
    In an article with the M.E.N media Kevin tells them what he wanted to achieve from the photograph that he took of Joy Division back on the cold winter’s day in 1979, he says
“I wanted people to look at pictures of Ian Curtis and Joy Division and know what that band sounded like.” I believe Kevin wanted to build an image to represent Joy Divisions music to match the dark lyrics and the bleak sound that Joy Division produced and had to offer. Kevin also tells the guardian about the original idea that he wanted to capture, he says. “The original idea was to shoot the band from the road looking up at the bridge, so they would face south, as if they were looking out of Manchester and almost saying: "When we're successful, we'll be out of here." But when I saw them on the brow of the bridge I thought it made a great architectural shot. It almost didn't need the band in the picture, because it would have still been a Joy Division photograph.” What Kevin is saying is the picture would have been unique to Manchester even without the bands influence. Without Joy Division in the photograph I don’t believe the image would tell much of a story as it does today, If Joy division were not there to feature in the photograph it would just be another photograph of Manchester. I believe the image says a lot about the weather, the lifestyle, the music and the creativity of photography that Manchester has to offer.

Joy Division-She's Lost Control


They were complaining about the cold”

(1979) Princess Parkway, Hulme, Manchester
[Accessed on: Tuesday 7th February 2012]

Photographer Kevin Cummins's best shot
This article was published on at 22.24 BST on Sunday 2 October 2011. A version appeared on p23 of the G2 section of the Guardian on Monday 3 October 2011. It was last modified at 15.57 BST on Tuesday 4 October 2011
Available from:

New exhibition of Joy Division photos 33 years after iconic shot of Hulme bridge was shot

Monday, 6 February 2012

Introduction to Broadcast Newsroom Operations

Broadcast Newsroom Operation

Level 1
Credit Value:20
Learning Hours:200

Hand in dates- End of May

Research Portfolio:50%
Practical Project:50%

Aims of Module
  • Introduction to the notion of “news agenda” and TV newsroom operations
  • Allow development of a programme format
  • Allow students to manage a practical project in a specific area of interest
  • Back-time their broadcast to fit in with network discipline (schedule of programmes)
  • Allow students to manage appropriate pre-production, production, post and archiving techniques.

Knowledge and understanding

  • An understanding how TV operates
  • An understanding of tutorial techniques
  • An understanding of planning requirements
  • Research, Negotiation and production management skills

We have been asked to research interesting news stories or come up with an news story idea that the group could discuss and evaluate.