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Monday, 27 February 2012

Pitch Life Of a Busker

I have been asked to produce a pitch with my ideas for the production, outlining the narrative content,package content and production planning.

In order to introduce my idea to the group I have put together an idea which I will present in the form of a prezi. As i have a keen interest in music I have come up with the idea of of getting in contact with a busker.I will follow this person throughout their busking day. Throughout the day I will gather peoples thoughts and reactions through Vox pops. I will conduct one interview with a busker and  use a peace to camera as an introduction to the topic. I will also use voice overs to narrate the story. I will need to use a Sony V1 and a boom mic to gather my findings. I will also need an extra crew member to help me with this.

My main guest and interviewee will Laurie Dempsey a local busker who busks down Market Street in the Centre of Manchester. I will ask a set number of questions to find out whether performers themselves see busking as begging or as pure entertainment. To gather thoughts from people that do not perform or don't have any talents I will be asking the general public for their opinions on the street performers in Manchester.

I will try to gather an understanding of why street performers are out on the streets. It may just be for pure enjoyment or they may have an underlying background. Buskers may be out on the streets because they are out of a employment,they may need to feed a family or it could just be for pleasure and for a little bit of extra cash. To find the truth of the matter I will be heading out on the streets of Manchester to gather an overview of street performers thoughts and to gather a public prospective on the matter.

Below I have attached my presentation which I pitched to the group:

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