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Monday, 5 March 2012

Roles within the Studio and the creation of Studio 109

 Studio 109 was formed involving roughly a group of 10 people. We had several roles that need to be distributed between our group. Some of these roles include directing, vision mixing, sound, floor manager, three camera operators and two presenters. To discuss production problems we organised a meeting between our group to go through these problems together, one of the problems was delegating the production roles and what everyone felt most comfortable doing. The roles have been chosen on peoples strengths and abilities to fulfil the roles.

The roles we decided as a team were, Danny Ainsworth as Director. However Ashley took on this role because Danny A had a poor record of attendance in previous modules, Jack Ware was chosen as Vision Mixer as he worked well in previous modules, Nyasha took on the role as Floor manager, Andrew T as the sound mixer, Myself,Luis and Mikeal opted to be camera operators, Erin and Matty were asked to present as they were very good at doing this role previously.

Danny Ainsworth
Floor manager
Nyasha Tsikai
Vision mixer
Jack Ware
Producer + presenter
Matty Jump
Fred Velody
Editor + auto clue
Ashley Artingstall
Erin Roche
Sound mixer
Andrew Tabner
Camera 1
Danny Jack
Camera 2
Luis Winder
Camera 3
Mikael Hasanzad

We also discussed a proposed running order for each of our VT ideas as we all had an idea to share.

Proposed running order



To gather an understanding of how news package shows work and are precisely timed. I will research into existing shows to try and understand the importance of timing,structure and script. As I will be creating a package on buskers I will search on the internet by browsing through various websites to try and gather some ideas for my news package piece.

I need to include the following in order to cover the range of material that are to be included in a news package:

  • Piece to camera
  • Three Vox pops
  • Graphics
  • Voice Over
  • Interview

As my news package is based on street performers and busking culture I will look for packages that are similar, to try and understand how they are structured and the manner in which they are delivered to the public.

As a news package show I would like my piece to presented in similar way. However for my news package I will base my piece on the performers themselves and also support this with vox pops from the public. So will inform the public about buskers and gather their opinions.