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Monday, 5 March 2012


To gather an understanding of how news package shows work and are precisely timed. I will research into existing shows to try and understand the importance of timing,structure and script. As I will be creating a package on buskers I will search on the internet by browsing through various websites to try and gather some ideas for my news package piece.

I need to include the following in order to cover the range of material that are to be included in a news package:

  • Piece to camera
  • Three Vox pops
  • Graphics
  • Voice Over
  • Interview

As my news package is based on street performers and busking culture I will look for packages that are similar, to try and understand how they are structured and the manner in which they are delivered to the public.

As a news package show I would like my piece to presented in similar way. However for my news package I will base my piece on the performers themselves and also support this with vox pops from the public. So will inform the public about buskers and gather their opinions.

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