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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Setting Up The Studio

Today peter asked us to set up the studio as practise for next week. As a group we decided what roles we would assign ourselves to take control of throughout the day. I took on the role of head Camera Operator, so my responceabilties were to ensure all cameras were set up correctly. I also had to decide what cameras we were going to use to shoot the footage with. As some of the cameras were not usable or unavailable we decided to use two panasonic P2's and one sony V1. Once we had the cameras set up on the tripods as a group we had to connect the cameras to the tricaster pro,vision mixer and to the preview monitor. During the morning we were racing against time to see how fast we could set up the studio. The morning session took us 1h and 30mins  to set up the studio. We then had to derig the studio because we were told that we would have to reset the studio after lunch,so the people who were managing the floor had to swap roles with the people working in the gallery.So after lunch we came back,swapped roles and started to set the studio up again. We set the studio up in 45mins in afternoon which was a great achievement for the team. Overall today was a test of time, knowing what equipment to use,thinking about several jobs and pulling together to get the job done.

Roles to think about next week
Floor manager
Vision Mixer
Sound Operator
Head Camera Operator 1
Camera 2
Camera 3

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