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Monday, 9 January 2012

Student Finance Newspage Pitch (300 words) updated

Student Finance Programme Pitch

As a group we have come up with a one-minute news package to be displayed within a news show. Throughout the start of the project we came up with several ideas that the news package could focus on. However this idea had to relate to the chosen news show being about student life, as the show would be discussing this topic. So we came up with the ideas of student accommodation, student finance, student drinking, student socialising. As a group we then decided which topic to feature the news package on, we all decided on student finance as a lot of people have strong views about the topic and we thought this would be a strong area of discussion in the news package and also on the show. The reason for choosing the chosen topic is that the topic is consistently talked about within the news due to the rapid increase in the tuition fees. We then decided what content we felt was most important to have in the package to get a clear message across. As the package will be on student finance we thought of the idea of collecting our own statistics to gather primary data on what people thought of student funding. To collect these statistics we gave out questionnaires to prospective students going into higher education on a college open day. We also came up with the ideas of facts. We needed to provide some hard evidence of facts about student finance. We would gather the facts from the Internet, newspapers and books as we needed facts from previous and facts from today to give an overall prospective of how things have changed over the years with the continues rise in tuition fees. During the open day we also took the chance to conduct an interview with the students, as we were filming the footage live we plan to use the footage in the news package production. We will also film cutaways and insert graphics to make the news package more interesting to look at on screen. We hope to achieve a one-minute news package production outlining the facts, statistic, captured video and animated graphics to display a visual message on the topic of student finance. The video insert will be an overall generalisation of student finance explaining more of the facts than having a for and against argument. We have chosen to do this so that there is more scope for discussion and opinions during the television show “student life”.

To gather a greater understanding of my research I have chosen to carry out both primary and secondary research to in order to gather accurate information on the chosen topic.

Primary Research- Questionnaires and Interviews

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