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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Green Screen (Ricardo)

During Ricardos lesson today we looked at how a green screen works and how footage can be manipulated to create diverse effects. 
How the green screen works
A green screen is a large green sheet that goes on the wall. When a person films a video in front of a green screen, they put it in an editing software with chroma key. Chroma key is the removal of a single color, therefore when chroma key is activated, the green gets removed, and ANY background gets inserted. That's why you can not wear green against a green screen, because if you wore a green shirt for example, it would be invisible and you would see the background that is inserted instead of the shirt. Green screen can be done with any colour, but green and blue are the furthest away from your skin colour. That's so the skin isn't invisible. If you did a white or black screen, there's a good chance the skin of the person your filming would be invisible That is why they use green.

The steps of setting up a green screen

Step 1
First of all you need a camera and a lens such as this one to set up the green screen effect. The green screen camera lens is then placed on the end of camera. As shown below.

Step 2
Secondly you need a green background for your green screen lens to reflect off. such as the one below.

Step 3
Third step is to find yourself a striking image to replace in the background. Such as the following.

Final Step
The Final step is to edit the footage or image you have shot in software such as final cut pro.


Green screen edit

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Final edit

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