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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Production and Peparation Paperwork

To experience the role of production and preperation paperwork

to have created a production folder for upcoming practice sessions
to have gained experience in producing production documents

Floor Plan
Risk Assessment
Call Sheet-Shooting schedule
Time/Call Time

Other Documents
Recce Sheet
Equipment List
Call Sheets
Risk Assessment
Location schedule

On Location
Floor Plan
Crew Contact Sheet
Signal Pathway

Who is responsible for each of the documents?

The DIRECTOR is responsible for:
  • Program proposal
  • Running order
  • Camera scripts (x3)
  • Title sequence/graphic
The PRODUCER is responsible for:
  • shooting schedule
  • call sheet/ contact list
  • studio floor plan
  • guest(s) release and consent form

The VISION MIXER is responsible for:
  • Running order
  • VT log sheet
  • Copy of VT (CD or DVD)
  • Copy of any graphics used in tricaster

The FLOOR MANAGER is responsible for:
  • Risk assessment
  • Studio floor plan
  • Call sheet/ contact list

1 comment:

  1. Selected Roles Ricardo
    We have Selected our groups individual roles for our 5 minute assignment:

    Director - Danny Jack

    Danny will be in charge of creating the program proposal for our project, also he will be creating The Running order for our overall program along with the vision mixer.
    Danny will also be Creating the camera scripts and title sequence/graphics.

    Producer - nyasha

    Nyasha's roles within the group will include Creating the shooting schedule the call sheet/contact list for everyone involved with our show. His role will also include creating a studio floor plan and any guests release and consent form where applicable.

    Vision Mixer - Andrew Greenland

    Andrew will be in charge of maxing the running order alongside the director as well as a VT log sheet, a copy of VT (CD or DVD) and to ensure a copies of any graphics used in the tricaster.

    Floor Manager - Daniel Ainsworth

    Daniel will be in charge of creating a risk assessment of our Program as well as a studio floor plan and a call sheet/contact list.