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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Assignment Module Handbook (Ricardo)

During this mornings lesson we discussed the assignment brief and what has to be done to achieve the maximum out of the project.

There will be a written assignment and a practical assigment that will have to be carried out. Below i have taken the outline from the module handbook of what has to be done for both stages of the assignment. I have done this so i can look back on this at a later date to ensure that i have included everything that needs to be:

The Brief:

Basic Studio Operations Assignment 2011-2012
FD TV Production Year One

Written Assignment 50%
1500 words

For your written assignment you will:
  • Identify one studio role of your preference that you believe you would like to practice in a future job. You will research in depth what duties and responsibilities come with that studio role and how it relates to the other roles in the studio. You will research what skills, personal attributes and experience are required for this role at an entry level job.
  • You will then draft a map of your actual skills and aptitudes, together with a map of your desired skills and aptitudes.
  • Finally, you will put together an Action Plan to get that job in the industry, considering all of the above. The Action Plan will cover the time period between now and the first day of work at your chosen studio job.

You must submit your written assignment in the following formats:
-       digital format (.doc or .pdf) on a CD,
-       post it on your own personal blog, under the label/tag “Basic Studio Ops”.

Practical Assignment 50%

Divided into groups, you will develop, produce and broadcast on our Ustream channel, a Manchester Collage News TV Program.
Each Program should include a VT (produced at the News Package Production Module), studio Guest(s) and a News Agenda Item.
The programme should be five minutes long.
All students must present the following relevant paper work for this Program:
  • program proposal
  • signal pathway graphic
  • running order
  • production diary (minimum of 6 entries in your blog under the tag/label “studio diary”)

The assessable roles for this module are:
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Floor Manager
  • Vision Mixer

Depending on your studio role you will need to provide the following paperwork:

The DIRECTOR is responsible for:
  • Program proposal
  • Running order
  • Camera scripts (x3)
  • Title sequence/graphic

The PRODUCER is responsible for:
  • shooting schedule
  • call sheet/ contact list
  • studio floor plan
  • guest(s) release and consent form

The VISION MIXER is responsible for:
  • Running order
  • VT log sheet
  • Copy of VT (CD or DVD)
  • Copy of any graphics used in tricaster

The FLOOR MANAGER is responsible for:
  • Risk assessment
  • Studio floor plan
  • Call sheet/ contact list

Your Program Proposal must include:
  • Program outline
  • Program duration
  • Program broadcaster/ time it will be aired
  • Program broadcast video format
  • Target audience
  • Content
    • VT subject
    • Guest questions
  • Production style
    • Title sequence
    • End credits
    • Set design

All forms’ templates will be given to you. As a group you will have an opportunity to rehearse your broadcast. The Program will then be broadcasted live once, and recorded, on our Ustream TV Channel, for assessment purposes.

I will follow these guidelines to achieve my full potential within this first assignment.

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