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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Second live multi camera OB shoot... with guests Kane Stanfield and Tom Bleakley

Today was the second week of filming the bands in preparation for the assessment at Lever Street. We started off by setting up the equipment and choosing production roles for the day. As I had not taken on the role of director I put myself forward this role as I wanted to push myself to do more of the leading roles. During the afternoon I chose to operate camera two along side Nabeel. Below I have outlined the production roles for each take throughout the day.

Morning Takes(AM)

Roles for Take 1

  • Director      Jack    
  • Director assistant        Danny J
  • Vision mixer        Nyasha    
  • Vision mixer assistant     Rebecca
  • Sound           Nabeel          
  • Sound assistant         Imogen.
  • Floor manager           Kas  
  • Floor manager assistant     Matt
  • Camera 1     Mikael
  • Camera 2     Ashley  
  • Camera 2 assistant    Abid.
  • Camera 3     Josh 

Roles for Take 2   
  • Director        Danny J    
  • Vision mixer  Rebecca         
  • Sound          Imogen.  
  • Floor manager   Matt
  • Camera 1     Mikael
  • Camera 2     Abid.
  • Camera 3     Josh 
For the  takes during the morning  i was Directors Assistant on the first take  and for the second take i took on the Directors role. I took on the role as Director as i haven't  had the chance to carry out this role previously. To start off with I was slightly nervous about what to do and unsure about how to call shots and instruct the vision mixer through the take. As Jack was directing before me I shadowed him and quickly picked up the language he was using in order to direct the cameras and vision mixer. When it was my turn to direct I did a quick run through with the vision mixer to ensure that i was moving the shots along at a reasonable pace. I felt that i had a good try with this role today. However to improve and to gain confidence in the directors chair i will have to try and practice this role as often as possible.


Kane Stanfield

Afternoon Takes(PM)

Roles for Take 3
  • Director-    Joe 
  •  Director assistant    Abid.
  • Vision mixer-    Imogen      
  • Vision mixer assistant    Nabeel.
  • Sound mixer-     Mikeal    
  • Sound mixer Assistant   Kas.
  • Floor manager-   Josh    
  • Floor manager Assistant   Nyasha.
  • Camera 1-   Dan A 
  • Camera 1 Assistant  Andy
  • Camera2-   Nabeel  
  • Camera 2 Assistant Danny J
  • Camera 3 -   Andy

Roles for Take 4
  •  Director    Abid.
  • Vision mixer   Nabeel.
  • Sound mixer    Kas.
  • Floor manager    Nyasha.
  • Camera 1   Andy G
  • Camera 2 Danny J
  • Camera 3 Andy T

Camera 2
For the takes during the afternoon i was operating  camera 2. I took on the role as camera operator because i didn't feel comfortable using the cameras. As I was camera twos  assistant for the first take of the afternoon, whilst the camera operator was away from the camera I tried to refresh my memory with the functions of the camera. However I did not change any of the settings I just used this time to refresh my memory. During the first take I assisted the camera operator by keeping the wires from under his feet and moving the direction he wanted to move in. The second take of the afternoon it was my turn to operate camera 2 this was an opportunity to refresh my memory on the camera. When live i believe i did well offering shots to the director and taking directions well when asked to do something quickly. However as camera 2 was on a dolly and this was the first time using a dolly i found it hard to keep the camera from moving around when live,so there was slight movements on the take. I now know next time when i use a dolly to be a little more careful with movements.


Tom Bleakley

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