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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


teleprompter is an electronic device used to display text and cues for on-air newscasters. Use of a teleprompter has replaced the need for handwritten cue cards or other off-camera prompts as it is placed behind camera it is not seen in shot. However studios still use cue cards as a back-up or emergency communication method. Early teleprompter's were only used when the actor was required to speak directly to the camera, as in the case of live news presenting. Now teleprompter's are used more frequently.

News Package show
When presentung the content for our own news package show we may consider to use a teleprompter to prompt the talent. We could also use cue cards with the questions on that were going to be asking the guests. We will do this so that the presenter is not looking straight at the camera and is looking in the direction of the guest when asking the questions. If the presenter needs to look into camera the can turn and read from the teleprompter.

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