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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Third Live Multi Camera OB shoot with guest... Michael Devaney

Today was the third week of filming the bands in preparation for the assessment at Lever Street. We started off by setting up the equipment and choosing production roles for the day. As I had not worked on the sound of camera roles I chose these two roles to carry out through course of day. Below I have outlined the production roles for each take throughout the day.

Morning Takes(AM)

Roles for Take 1

  • Director               Rebecca 
  • Vision mixer       Andy
  • Sound mixer       Abid
  • Floor manager     Nyasha 
  • Cam 1              Mikael
  • Cam 2              Danny
  • Cam 3             Kassem

for the first take of the day i was operating  camera 2. I took on the role as camera operator because i didn't feel comfortable setting up the camera. I was unsure of what connections to use, the names of the cables and the components that I need in order to set up the camera. By taking on this role i was able to ask others in the class or my tutor for help if unsure of anything. Once i had set up the camera I took pictures so I could recap on the connections and components. Below I have displayed pictures:

Operating the Camera
When Operating the camera i believe followed the directors direction. I also offered creative shots to try and make it easier for the director to cut shots. However when the director needed me to focus on a shot i believe i did this effeciently and quickly.

I took pictures so I could recap on the connections and components:

50M BNC Cable connected to composite connection

Buttons to operate the Camera including the settings for Focus,Gain,Iris and White balance

5 PIN XLR Connection

Roles for Take 2
  • Director              Andy
  • Vision mixer     Mikael
  • Sound mixer    Danny
  • Floor manager   Rebecca
  • Cam 1               Nyasha
  • Cam 2               Fred
  • Cam 3             Matt

For the second take of the day I was working on the sound desk. I took on the role as sound because this was also a role i didn't feel to comfortable doing as i only had a brief idea of how to use the sound desk.As I was unsure of how to use the sound desk i asked andy who was also in the gallery to show me the basics of how to use the desk as he had used the desk on previous rehearsals. I quickly picked up the basics of the sound desk and continued to practise setting the levels of the instruments and the musicians vocals. Once i had the levels i wanted, i set them so i could just use the master fader to bring the volume level up or down if the music got to loud or if instruments got louder than the vocals. During the take I allowed the levels to go slightly higher than they should have which made the sounds to loud on the take in parts. However i took note of this and made sure on the  second take that the levels were at a reasonable level. Below I have displayed pictures of my operating the sound desk:

Operating the Sound Desk

Sound Levels
To make sure i do not make the same mistake again i took a picture of the sound levels that were slightly higher than they should have been during the song.

Afternoon Takes(PM)

Roles for Take 3
  • Director              Luis
  • Vision mixer      Mikael
  • Sound mixer       matt
  • Floor manager    Fred 
  • Cam 1               Nabeel
  • Cam 2               Josh
  • Cam 3               Ashley 

Roles for Take 4
  • Director               Nyasha
  • Vision mixer       Luis
  • Sound mixer       Danny
  • Floor manager     Fred
  • Cam 1                Abid
  • Cam 2                Mikael 
  • Cam 3              Ashley

For the fourth take of the day i had the chance to jump on sound again as there was no one to take on the role. As i needed more practise at setting the sound levels and keeping the levels at reasonable level i took the sound role on for a second time. During this take i believe i did better than the morning as i was keeping the sound levels a lot lower than i was previously. This ensured a a clear recording.

Mike Devaney

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