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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Open Day For Prospective Students

Today was a very useful lesson because we had prospective students come in, who were joining us in the lesson to have a look at what we do during the first year of our course. This was the chance to perform our roles in the studio with the presence of a small audience.  So to start with we decided that we were going to set a plan out for the day.

The Plan
As two groups are doing projects on student finance/student life and alcahol abuse. We saw this as an oppurtunity to shoot the interviews with the prospective students as we would gather reliable thoughts and information by doing this. Also as my group needed to gather some statistics so we saw this as a good oppurtunity to collect some statistics on student funding by handing out questionnaires on the topic. This was a good responce as everyone that entered the room filled a questionnaire out.

Personal Performance
As my group was taking control of the studio as it was our content we were producing. We took on the leading roles. I took on the role as director and Neysha was floor manager. We also allocated Matty Jump the role of presenter as we felt he wasn't so shy infront of the camera when it came to it. Matty also had a sense of humour during the live interviews which made the guests at ease.

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