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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Equipment List and Self Critique


self criitique of past weeks work
begin paper work

  • write full equipment list  

watch back two different takes write a paragraph on each one
camera work
vision mixing

explain what you liked and disliked?
how could this be improved?

All the equipment listed below will be needed for  the rehearsal on the 6th December at Lever Street Campus Manchester College

Equipment list

X3 Cameras- Panasonic P2s
X6 Batterys fully charged
X3 Battery chargers
X3 Tripods with spreaders
X3 Three camera attachment plates
Connectors and Components Box
X3 Composite connetors (Red,White,yellow) Use yellow for video
X3 50m BNC cables
X4 RCA cables
X4 50M XLR 5pin (Talkback)
X2 50M XLR 3pin (Audio desk)
X4 Talkback headsets and packs
X4 Dual stereo jacksplitter
Spare extention cables
gaffer tape/hazard tape
floor matts
X1 Dolly tripod
Tricaster pro
X1 Headset
Y-C Cable(S video cable)
X1 Tricaster controller
X1 Laptop for streaming
X1 Laptop power supply
X1 50M CAT5 cable for internet connetion tricaster
X1 RCA and Mono Jack
X5 power supplys
X1 Speaker Monitor
X1 CAT5 for internet from laptop to tricaster pro
X3 Broadcast monitors
X1 Television monitor
X3 Patch BNC
X1 Tool Kit

Self Critique

Review of take 1-Andrew Tarling

I have chosen to review the broadcast stream of Andrew Tarling. I will indentify both positives and negatives of this particular stream. First of all i will talk about the camera work to asses what  worked well and what could be improved on. To start off with there was about 40 seconds of streaming time that could have been avoided by starting the record stream later when the act started or we could have faded to black at this point so we couldn't see the act proparing before going live. However throughout this particular stream the camera work was consistent throughout,there was particial movements and a little darting around but on reflection of this the head room between cameras was excellent. Going on to talk about the direction of the cameras i believe that there were some creatives shots offerd to the director,however there was camera movement when cameras were live.The director may have chosen these shots whilst streaming the content which was great. The vision mixing was great however i think shots could have been cut to much quicker or shot could have been cutaway from when there was alot movement with cameras.

Review of take 2- OB 8th Nov
I have also chosen to review the live OB on the 8th November of Josh Lipman. During this take i thought the camera work was near to perfect there were alot of close ups of the talents face and his guitar which made the content look intermate. The camera work was great,but there was slight movements when cameras were live,to improve this i think cameras should just pick a shot and stick to it just before they go live. When they are not live they should then pick a creative shot depending on the directors decision during shooting. I think the direction of this footage was well executed. However there is always room for improvement, there could be improvements on the camera work and generalie just thinking about being creative with the camera. I think the vision mixer did well to cut quickly to shots throughout this take. Overall i think this was one of the best takes that we have done upto now.

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