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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Production Roles for the show

Today we discussed the roles that everyone will be doing on the day of the show on the 18th January 2012. In previous lessons as I haven't taken on the role of director and maybe shied away from this particular role. I took it upon myself to put myself forward for this role as I felt the opportunity to push my confidence further and to take on a much more demanding role. Below I have outlined the production roles and the members of the group who will be taking on each role.

Productions Roles

Director-Daniel Jack
Vision Mixer- Andy Greenland
Floor Manager- Daniel Ainsworth
Producer- Nyasha Tsikai

Director-Daniel Jack
As director it is my responsibility to produce documents needed on the day of production. Such as the program proposal this document defines what is going to be done from start to finish. I will also be putting together the running order for the show outlining what will be happening visually and verbally throughout the running of the show. The camera scripts are also my responsibility within this document i will choose the shots i will be using for the show and will put them in an order. I will hand the camera script to each camera operator on the day to ensure each camera operator knows what i intend to do visually. I will also have the decision of what title sequences to use and what graphics will be used in between shots.

Vision Mixer- Andrew Greenland
The vision mixer also works in the gallery with the director. The vision mixer is in charge of mixing the shots when then shots are called by the director during a live broadcast. The vision mixer is like a backup for the director. For example if something obscene is viewed on the television screen the vision mixer can quickly cut another shot without problems occurring. It’s the vision mixers responsibility to discuss the running order of the show with director to ensure the broadcast run smoothly. The communication between vision mixer and director is vital as they both need to be organised. The vision mixer is also responsible for any title sequences or graphics used in the broadcast.

Producer-Nyasha Tsikai
the producer works alongside both director and floor manager to produce the content for the broadcast. However producer most of the time take care of budgets and contracts. Producers are also involved in other activities such as screenwriting, set design and casting. The producer has to confirm and changes that take place with directors so are in constant communication. The producer is responsible shooting schedule a documents outlining a schedule of shots. They are also responsible for call sheets and contact lists which the floor manager should also have a copy of. Finally they produce the floor plan document showing the outline of the room and also the positioning of the cameras and anything else that is important on set.

Floor Manager- Daniel Ainsworth/ Nyasha Tsikai
The floor manager is head of the floor. The floor manager is in constant contact with the gallery through talkback system. It is the floor managers job to greet guests as they enter the set and ensure they are looked after well. When the director calls for a live take the floor manager has to get everyone silent and do a countdown to ensure that the talent knows when the live broadcast has started. If there is a problem on the floor the floor manager is the person to go too. If the director wants anything changing on set or a camera to be moved it is the floor managers role to get that amended efficiently and quickly. The floor manager has the responsibility of carrying out a risk assessment. A risk assessment is an assessment of any risks that might take place whilst on set. The risks need to be made aware of to ensure the safety of everyone on set. The floor manager will work with the producer to create a floor plan. The floor manager will also have a copy of the call sheet and contact list in the case of emergencies.

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